Plumbing and why plumbers are the highest paid trade…

I spent 1/2 of the day under a clients sink today and wished about 30 minutes into it that our plumber was available instead of me. After working on the leaks 3 or 4 times and installing new parts it finally stopped leaking. I’ll have to make a trip there tomorrow to check on it and remove the container that I left there just in case…. man I dislike plumbing!

I can come up with 3 reasons that plumbers are the highest paid tradesmen:

1st. When something related to water breaks… it needs to be fixed immediately – sewer backed up, washer hose spraying water and flooding the basement, no water for drinking, dishes, bathing or bathroom!!! You’d pay almost anything to resolve those issues!

2nd. There are few things more frustrating than trying to get leaks to stop leaking. Tighten more, loosen a little, replace, can’t see where it’s coming from, uncomfortable cabinet face frame sticking into my side, if it leaks it’ll ruin the cabinet shelf, Teflon tape, plumbers putty, ABS glue, Hot glue, Blue glue, etc…

3rd. I read recently that plumbers have done more to extend life expectancies for humans than doctors by providing clean drinking water, improved personal hygiene and sanitation (waste removal)…

Maybe they are worth what we pay them after all…  LOL



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