Updating the recessed can trims

Felicia’s client had 17 misc trims that they needed to update from black baffles to white baffles.  The 17 trims would add about $200 to the bottom line so we volunteered to see how well we’d be able to whiten the rings and change the color of the inner baffles. 6 cans of high temperature white paint and a little elbow grease they turned out better than new because they won’t fade to yellow like new plastic rings will. Here is what we did:

  • Disassemble the trims by separating the trim rings, the baffles and the springs.
  • Washing in soap and water each part to remove the dirt, and any loose parts
  • Dry thoroughly
  • Apply high temp white paint in as many coats as necessary, 6 in our case.
  • Let the paint dry thoroughly
  • Reassemble and install trims

For $25 and 2 hours labor you’ve got better than new trims.

Painted can trims
Painted can trims

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