My “Bags”

The tool bags I carry weigh just a little over 35 pounds. I choose to have just about every tool I need at hand so that I don’t have to start and stop my jobs in order to find a tool I should have. A good belt has a spot for all the important tools and they are placed to facilitate no look “grab and replace” actions so no time or effort is wasted getting the tool I need when I need it – kind of like a gun fighter in the old West.. They wouldn’t have lasted long if they needed to look down at their 6 shooter in the middle of a show down! Most guys will have a bag on each side of their belt… I’ve got a 3rd bag that is attached behind me that I use to carry wirenuts, crimp sleeves, drywall screws and my hammer pouch.  I also spend a little time prior to each day thinking about the work I’ll be doing and the tools I’ll need to add to my bags or my tool box on my truck.

P.S. I fell off a scaffold at about 8′ and landed right on my butt – on my wirenut filled bag and it felt like I landed on a pile of marshmallows… I was the most surprised guy in the world that I wasn’t hurt bad. Belt